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  • About Plastic Surgery

    The Plastic Surgery is a surgical specialty that aims to improve or correct morphological defects which are either congenital or result from age deterioration, injury, illness, etc. The word plastic comes from the ancient Greek word “mold” which means “figure, form.”

    The Plastic Surgery is divided into two parts, the Reconstructive Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. The Reconstructive Plastic Surgery aims to repair of congenital abnormalities or other damage, arising from trauma, burns, tumor resections, bedsores etc.

    Aesthetic plastic surgery is purely cosmetic such as giving harmony in facial proportions or human body as well as the improvement and elimination of defects, contributing in this way directly to the mental balance of the person, increasing the esteem and self-esteem…read more

    An Artistic Approach
    Full Face Lift

    There are many factors that affect the aging of our face, such as poor nutrition, prolonged sun exposure, the skin quality itself, and of course, the passing of time.

    Therefore, depending on the age, gender, and living conditions of each individual, the skin tends to lose its volume and firmness, while the initially light wrinkles become bold and deep.

    Nowadays, the look of a face that has now lost its freshness causes great concern to both males and females, who seek for the best solution. Therefore, Face Lifting is included among the most popular cosmetic surgery operations.

    Innovative Glute Lifting technique

    Glute and thigh lifting
    Genetically weak and soft tissues, as well as obesity in childhood, are typical factors that contribute to the early loss of skin youthfulness and elasticity. Glute and thigh lifting relates to the sagginess caused in the lower body by the passage of years, pregnancies, substantial weight loss, and even prolonged sun exposure.

    The ideal standards about what type glutes are considered as nice have changed over the last decades. The ideal Renaissance curves are not considered attractive any more. Nowadays, women seek an athletic look with well-shaped – inviting curves on the glutes, which should protrude in harmony with the rest of the body, and form a uniform natural line.

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      Breast Augmentation
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